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Bowl Bids announced: OSU vs. USC vs. Auburn

The formal announcement of bids for the Tom Bowl and the other minor bowls has been announced.

In a unique match-up Oklahoma will play Southern Cal and Auburn in the 16th Tom Bowl. This monumental game will be the first three-way contest in college football history.

"We came up with this idea some time ago and we almost got to do it a few years back but it all fell through at the last minute," said the Tom Bowl President. "We are very excited about the concept."

In the other bowls, the Dan Bowl will feature pre-season highly ranked flops Kansas State and West Virginia who both were the largest plummeters in the polls this season. Also considered was Missouri.

The Boot Bowl will feature Northwestern who lost their chance for a bowl bid with a season ending 49-41 loss to Hawaii. Their opponent will be New Mexico State who blew their bowl bid with a 43-25 season-ending loss to Utah State. Prior to that loss the Aggies has won three games in a row.

The Burst Bubble Bowl presented the committee with a challenge. Due to the influx of bowl games and the NCAA change in rules that prevent 6-6 teams from qualifying for bowl games it was difficult to find two teams that met the criteria for a bowl bid but were not invited. The Akron Zips were an easy choice by virtue of their record (6-2 MAC, 6-5 overall) but finding an opponent proved difficult. Finally by default South Carolina was chosen. They would have been invited to a bowl, but they chose not to participate after their brawl against Clemson. Either team could have been chosen but the Gamecocks were selected because they lost that game.

The newest bowl, the Toilet Bowl, features winless Central Florida (0-8, 0-11) against Washington who went 0-8 in the Pac-10 and 1-10 overall. Consideration was given to Western Michigan (0-8, 1-10) and while they are probably worse than either of those two teams the committee did not want to have the game featuring two Mid-American Conference teams.

 The Tom Bowl has devised a unique format for Tom Bowl XVI that will allow all three teams to play each other in what could arguably be the most talked about event in college football history. Each team will play each other for a "half" However, in what can only be called a mathematical anomaly, this game will consist of three "halves.

In the first "half" Oklahoma will play Auburn
In the second "half" Auburn will play USC
In the third "half" USC will play Oklahoma

The Tom Bowl considered calling each "half" a thirder, but chose not too.

In the end, each team will play a full 60 minutes of football, 30 minutes against one team, 30 against the other. The team with the most points at the end wins. In an advent of a tie, we will play a standard overtime with the two tied teams. If it is a three way tie we have devised a complicated method for resolving the contest that we won't document here because it'll take too long.