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2006 bowl bids announced

The two best teams in the nation played once, why not play again. At least that was the Tom Bowl’s opinion in selecting Ohio State and Michigan to play in a rematch to determine the top two teams in the nation.

“They were one and two, Michigan lost to Ohio State when they were two and OSU was one which is what was supposed to happen if the rankings mean anything,” said Tom Bowl President Tom Cantrell. “It only makes sense they remain #1 and #2 and play again.”

In an all Florida Dan Bowl,  Florida State was picked by virtue of their 11th ranked showing in pre-season polls and their no show in the final polls to play Miami who started the season 12th only to finish unranked.

In the Burst Bubble Bowl which pairs two bowl-eligible teams that get shunned for the post-season both Pittsburgh and SMU finished the season with enough wins to be bowl eligible but not enough support to earn another bowl.

“I’m not sure why we picked those teams,” Cantrell said. “I think just ‘cause.”

Indiana and UTEP were slotted for the Boot Bowl after blowing their final games to miss out on bowl eligibility all together. Indiana lost their final three games to finish at 5-7 while UTEP lost their final two games to avoid a bowl.

This is the third season in a row the Boot Bowl has featured a team from the Big 10.

"I still don't see why that is significant," Cantrell said.

Winless Duke and Florida-International easily qualified for the Toilet Bowl as the nations only winless teams.

“Picking the Toilet Bowl was cake,” Cantrell said