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Bowl bids announced

The Tom Bowl is pleased to announce the following Bowl bids have been offered.

Tom Bowl XIII Ė University of Miami vs. University of Colorado. Nebraska got busted in the chops by Colorado. Itís what happens on the field that matters in our minds and thus, Colorado gets to go. You may ask, What happened to Oregon? We donít know. But Colorado beat Texas and Nebraska and they deserve it

Dan Bowl II Ė Oregon St. vs. Northwestern. Ah the prognosticators. Almost everyone had Northwestern winning the Big 10 and they went into the season ranked #16 and they didnít win a thing. Oregon St. which went into the season ranked #10 and was picked by Sports Illustrated to win it all scared Oregon at the end of the year but otherwise didnít do a darn thing.

Burst Bubble Bowl II Ė University of Hawaii vs. Middle Tennessee St. The NCAA should have forced someone to take Hawaii after they won nine games and wrecked BYUís season. BYU was going to sue over the BCS rankings but the loss to Hawaii threw that case out the window. Middle Tennessee St. won the Sunbelt Conference but blew the championship game so they get left out of the New Orleans Bowl. (Can you guess where that game is played?) Runner-ups: Bowling Green.

 Boot Bowl Ė University of Indiana vs. Notre Dame. Indiana deserves a bowl game. I mean, geeze, they all came back and they all wanted to badly to go to a bowl game and they just couldnít pull it off. We felt that Randle-El was the best player in college football by far. As for Notre Dame, well, whatís bowl season without the Fighting Irish.