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Tom Bowl suffers email SNAFU


The Tom Bowl recently discovered that for the last six months the Tom Bowl email service failed to forward nearly 2,000 emails to the Tom Bowl email box.

"We kind of goofed up," said Tom Bowl President Tom Cantrell. "We didn't realize the forwarding feature kind of got turned off when we upgraded the website."

Due to the "goof up" the Tom Bowl didn't receive nearly 2,000 emails from November 2004 to August 2005. However, of those 2,000 emails, 1,981 of them were Spam.

"That's a lot of Spam," Cantrell said.

Spam is junk email that frequently offers things like mortgage deals, mail order prescription medication and the opportunity to send all your money to third world nations.

Cantrell said that going through all the Spam was not fun.

"It wasn't" Cantrell said. "It wasn't fun at all."

Cantrell said one of the things missed was a logo designed by someone identified as lilhorn3 in honor of Tom Bowl XVI. The logo depicted the Tom Bowl logo in the uniforms of the three participating teams.


"It's a cool logo and we really like it," Cantrell said. "We like it a lot."

The logo now appears on the Tom Bowl XVI page.

Also included in the missing emails were several letters of congratulations to the Tom Bowl for its appearance on CNN Headline News.

"We kind of wondered why no one seemed to care about that," Cantrell said.


Cantrell said the email problem has been fixed and the Spam has been deleted.