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Tom Bowl announces two new bowls

The Tom Bowl is very happy to announce the creation of two new bowl games. With the success of the Tom Bowl, it is only natural that we expand our horizons and produce other opportunities for teams to compete. The two new bowl games are the Dan Bowl and the Burst Bubble Bowl.

Dan Bowl

Last year we got a suggestion from this guy whose name is Dan that the Tom Bowl should change its format and invite the two worst teams in college football instead of pairing #1 and #2. We thought about it, but instead we felt we should start a new game where we would invite the two teams that started the season ranked the highest, and ended up out of the top 25. It gives those teams one last chance at redeeming an unfortunate season.

Burst Bubble Bowl

Every year some teams just miss getting bowl games. We feel that is a grave injustice. Thus, The Burst Bubble Bowl will provide those teams that just missed making the big time.