The Tom Bowl

About Beal City

There are more than two things to do in Beal City. While your visiting this Mid-Michigan
Mecca, feel free to take part in some of the many activities you can do in Beal City.

The Most Disobeyed Stop Sign in the World

Nobody stops for this stop sign. Satisfy some hidden fantasy and blow right through with
no regard for oncoming traffic. It's fun.

The World's Smallest Pontoon Pond

Pictured is the pond and the pontoon. The pond measures about 30 yards across. If the
owner isn't home, you can go out and sit on the pontoon.

Aaron's Go-Cart-A-Rama

It's seasonal, and they use a box spring to smooth out the track, but for high-speed
racing fun nothing beats Aaron's Go-Cart-A-Rama. Just don't roll over your Go-Cart.

Nellie the Goat

Nellie the Goat is a special attraction in Beal City. Nellie and her two kids Gladys and
Ernestine will entertain for hours. Here Nellie does her special balancing on the garbage
can trick. It's a blast and three-quarters. Note: Gertie the timid goat is no longer available.
This attraction is temporarily closed

The Secret Swing

If you can find it, and there isn't anything blocking its path, you can wile away the
hours on the Beal City secret swing. (Not pictured, the secret rope. Also fun.)

Tom P's Chickens

Ever chase chickens?

What could possibly be more fun than chasing chickens? At Tom P's chickens you can while away the hours chasing chickens. There are all types of chickens. Big chickens, small chickens and even middle-sized chickens. All chickens and all chaseable. If you get lucky, Tom P will come out and show you his favorite chicken (pictures to the right).


Seriously, what in the world could be more fun than a bunch of cows?

Danger Barns

For extreme Beal City adventure you can brave the danger barns. You never
know what might happen when you set foot in a danger barn The floor may give
way, the ceiling might collapse, a wall may come tumbling down or you may just
get a splinter. There are probably 81 of these danger barns all over Beal City.
What fun! For those who aren't brave enough to enter a danger barn, you can
just look at it and watch as it gradually crumbles away.

Wheat fields

The kids will spend hours running through Beal City's many wheat fields.
There really isn't anything better and, unlike corn fields, they won't get lost.
As a souvenir, they can bring home handfuls of actual wheat to play with.

The tree covered path

Looking for a romantic stroll? This is the place for you. The tree covered path. Not
recommended for people taller than 3.5 feet.


Want to see pigeons. There are all kinds of pigeons. White ones, brown ones, speckled ones.

Snowy Hill

Run up the hill, fall down the hill, run up the hill, run down the hill. It's great fun.

Run around in a corn field. It's awesome but be careful because
you might get totally lost. Corn is tall.


Beal City also features:


The houseless basement


The hidden pool that looks like a barn


The Tornados Path (Not really there anymore. Oh well.)


The astronaut bump