Simon Says

OK, so yesterday the kids and I are playing Simon Says in the mini-pool. Canem goes first, then I went and then Canso. Canso is going through the routine… “Simon says touch the bottom of the pool”, “Simon says touch your head”, “Simon says jump up and down” then, out of the blue, she says “Simon says bite Dad on the leg.” So then the two of them start coming after me. Some time later she finally gives in and it switches to Canem’s turn. So she runs through a few Simon says routines and then she says “Simon says, be like a statue” So I be like a statue. Then she says “Simon says, bite Dad on the leg.” So I start swimming away and she tells me I have to be like a statue. Forget that routine. So for the next like 10-15 minutes the two of them are coming after me trying to bite me on the leg. I felt like I was in a pool with two mini-zombies.

It was hard work staying away. At one point I suggested that they come up with a plan so they huddle and then Canso comes over to me and says “Dad, I want to have some close your eyes time with you.” I sent them back to think of a better plan.

Eventually they got me.

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