Cloudy Pool Solution

If you have a cloudy pool(green or not)5,000 gallons or less here are the easy to follow steps for restoring your pool to crystal clear goodness.

Step 1. Make sure you have a brand new filter cartridge.

Step 2. Purchase some Floc and Clear. Yup, that’s what it’s called. Say it out loud. Call the store and say “Do you have any Floc and Clear.” More effective if you slur the last three words.

Step 3. Purchase some Algaecide.

Step 4. Purchase some Shock (Super chlorine!)

Step 4. Run your filter for eight hours straight. Add Floc and Clear, Algaecide and Shock! Occassionally stop the filter and clean the cartridge with a hose.

Step 5. Repeat above steps three times.

Step 6. Come home to find your wife has dumped the pool and refilled it.

Just like that the water is crystal clear.

This really works.

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