Obnoxious tall bald man at grocery store

So I go to the local grocer and the line is going down the beer aisle. And this is the express lane! But we patiently stand there. A second cashier opens up at the service desk and starts calling people over from the express line one at a time. At this point this tall bald obnoxious guy shows up and seriously starts yelling at the grocery store people to open more lanes. Then he sees that there is one person in the service desk line. Now remember, there is one line for both cashiers. People have been just going one at a time to whichever one is open. When the obnoxious tall bald man sees there is just one person in line by the service desk he pushes through everyone and then stands there making open-mouthed faces at us. Several people try to explain to him that he just cut everyone because we’ve been going to both cashiers but he’s so excited at “outsmarting” all of us that he can’t get it through his head that he just cut everyone and that he looks like a fool. I wanted to toss the package of brats I had just bought at him but then I wouldn’t of had anything for dinner. The woman next to me wanted to do much worse. The sad thing is, this guy left the store still thinking he was so darn smart and the rest of us were so darn stupid to be standing in line. I don’t like the obnoxious tall bald man and hope to never see him again.

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  1. Carlas Gutwagger, Mrs. says:

    I live next to that tall, bald man and let me tell you a secret about him . . . a secret he is ashamed of: explosive incontinence.

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