Strange lady

So today I’m walking back to my car and I’m reading which I tend to do and suddenly I here this “Hey” and I look up and there is this strange almost crazy lady coming at me. Scraggy hair, wild eyes, dirty, no bottom teeth. She starts talking to me and waving some paper in my face and telling me she just got out of prison and she doesn’t know where some street is and she only has a dollar. I just keep walking and she’s like sliding up close to me. She’s smoking an unfiltered cigarette and talking a mile a minute. So, I’m getting a bit weirded out. This is like the fifth time I’ve gotten “approached” like this while walking to my car. Anyway, I tried to kind of “pick her off” by walking really close to a column but that didn’t work at all. She kept going on and on and followed me for like a block and starts talking about money. Then I heard her mention a street name. I said “That street is over there” and she says “Where?” and looks away. I pointed in the direction that the street was again, “Over there” I said and she looks real hard and I ran. I just ran away. 

I kind of feel bad about it but she was really freaky.

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