3D Movies can be broken?

We went to a 3-D movie “Deep Sea” last weekend. So as the movie starts the 3-D is all weird. There’s two images. (Yes, I had the glass on) but it just wasn’t right. However, I didn’t say anything because I thought maybe we just were sitting in a bad row or perhaps it was just me. However, then Canso says “Dad, why is there two of everything.” So then we quickly realized that it was bad for everyone and some lady down the way walked through the aisle saying she was going to complain. Then someone figured out that if you put the glasses on upside down (seriously!) then the 3D worked but it was kind of awkward. Anyway, after the lady came back they stopped the movie and said it was broken and we’d get free passes and our money back. So we came back an hour later and everything was fine. But who knew that 3D could be broken.

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