So yesterday Canem is looking at the list of prizes she can win for this walking thing they have at her school. If she walks 30 miles she can get a podometer. I told her that I used to have one and she asked, very excited, “You do? Where is it?” Here’s the thing. I had that podometer 25 years ago and I know exactly where it is, but only if it were 25 years ago. See, it’s in the little drawer in the hallway outside the bathroom. There is a white vase on the table. Also in that drawer are some baseball cards and a few other assorted random items including a piece of melded wrought iron that a neighbor gave me. But that table no longer stands where it did, in fact, that hallway where it sat probably doesn’t exist anymore either. But I know exactly where it is, if it were 25 years ago.

Now that is certainly something to think about.

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