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The only major college bowl game not recognized by the NCAA

Tom Bowl XXIV: Deadlocked at Triple Zeroes

Game Page Tom Bowl XXXIV


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The three best conference champions face off to determine the #1 team in the nation


Every year the world endures that eternal question. Who is the #1 college football team in the nation? In 1989, the Tom Bowl stepped up to try and answer that question.

Before the BCS
Before the playoffs
There was... The Tom Bowl


DeWitt, MI
The Home of the Tom Bowl

Tom Bowl celebrated

"The Tom Bowl a perfect partner over the years. Very much appreciate the Tom Bowl’s role here because in fact the vision they put forward impacted my thinking and indeed the whole college football community leading up to the formation of BCS and ultimately the CFP."

-Jim Delaney
Former Commissioner Big Ten and Tom Bowl Hall of Famer


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What does a Tom Bowl Bid look like? Click here to find out.

Letters to the Tom Bowl

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Read letters from colleges and conferences that have been invited to the Tom Bowl!


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2022 Scoreboard



Tom Bowl



Georgia 0 Michigan 0 Utah  

What is this?

Dan Bowl


Texas A&M 0 Baylor 0



What is this?

Burst Bubble Bowl


No Game
No one's bubble got burst


What is this?
Boot Bowl Rice 0 Ball St. 0  

What is this?
Tulane 0 Troy 0  

What is this?
Toilet Bowl Colorado 0 Northwestern 0  

What is this?
Delany Bowl Michigan St. 0. Nebraska 0  

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