An Ambiance

So the other day I’m talking to Noocr about how on my way in the building this morning on my way to work there were sirens and stuff. The conversation went like this…

Me: “This morning, on my way into the building, there was all kinds of activity in front of the capitol. There were sirens and everything.” (Guess I covered that, oh well.)
Noocr: “Hmmm…” (He really wasn’t that interested.)
Me: “Yeah, there were fire trucks and then they sent in an ambiance.” (Note, that is what I said, not an ambulance, an ambiance)
Noocr: An ambiance?

This led to an entire conversation about sending in an ambiance whenever something goes wrong. In a way, that works. Since an ambiance is a special atmosphere or mood created by a particular environment ( whenever there is trouble, send in an ambiance. It seemed quite funny to me.

I think we need to find other stuff to talk about.

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