Brady Bunch

So I’m flipping through the channels the other night and somehow ended up on Biography and they were doing The Brady Bunch. Aside from the fact some dude said the show’s theme song was as American as the Star Spangled Banner (really) it was almost interesting. So they did this whole thing about how four sets of kids were chosen. Three dark haired boys, three blond boys, three dark haired girls, three blond girls. The sets that got picked would depend on who was cast as the parents. Since Mr. Brady had dark, they chose the dark haired boys. Same with the girls but in reverse. So then they showed a picture of the other kids and it was like “How weird. Those kids could have been the Brady kids.” Then I thought, if they’d picked a blond guy and a dark haired woman they’d of showed the picture of the kids that actually ended up being the Brady kids and I would have said the same thing. Strange how that works out.

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