Lately I’ve been having all kinds of things happening that are associated with birds.

On the weekend we were driving to an amusement park, I’m the passenger, and this bird is lazily flying directly into the path of the car. You see this all the time and usually the bird veers off at the last second. Well, not this bird. He just keeps on going and gets smashed by the windshield. Dead bird.

A couple days later I get woken up by a chirping bird that sounds like its in the room. That’s not that interesting, but its part of the bigger scheme.

That morning as I’m walking between office buildings there is this guy sitting on a bench with a big smile on his face. As I walk by him, he says something and I said “excuse me” and he says, “Aren’t birds neat?” (He was a bit off I have to say.)

So that afternoon, a friend of mine calls me because he needs a ride home from the car dealership where he’s getting his car fixed. So then I call him back and get his voice mail. A few minutes later he calls me back and I can hear the wind blowing. So I ask him where he is, and he’s out in some field chasing birds.

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