Roller Coaster

I went on a roller coaster with Canem last Saturday. It was a wooden roller coaster, perhaps the longest in the world, and it made me teeth hurt. I do not plan to go on any more wooden roller coasters for some time.

We have made it a tradition that on the first ride or two we go on at any amusement park, Canso will end up crying. At Disney World the first time we went, the first ride we went on was Snow White’s Adventure and she was terrified. The next time we went to Disney we started off with Stitch’s Great Escape and she was equally if not more terrified. So at the latest amusement park visit, the second ride we went on a was called Mad Mouse and as soon as it started she was crying. Honestly, I was scared too. It felt like the ride was going to fly off the tracks and crash into the parking lot. It was very unfun.

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