So today I was thinking about the old Batman TV show. I was probably thinking about this because I just went and saw the Batman Begins movie which was excellent top-notch stuff. All the superhero movies are going to have to kick it up a notch to match that one.

Anyway, I was thinking about the old Batman TV show and it came up in a discussion with my Dad and then later with Noocr. He mentioned how it was funny that all the henchmen had to where outfits that resembled the villian they worked for. Then I thought, you know those henchmen… they never had names. They were like numbers or some deriviation of the villian’s name. Penguin had some henchmen names Sparrow, Hawkeye and Mr. Jay and Mr. Freeze had someone named Shivers. I’m sure those weren’t there real given names. You wonder how they felt.

Penguin: “Listen Hawkeye, Mr. Jay, I need you to wait down by the dock and let me know when our pointy-headed friend arrives. Sparrow you stay with me.
Sparrow: “But my name isn’t Sparrow.”
Penguin: “What?”
Sparrow: “I’m not just some bird, I’m a real person. My name is Kenny.”

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