The other day, which wasn’t that long ago, Canca I went to our semi-local grocer and as we was walking down one of the aisles I saw that a whole bunch of cereal was on sale. It was two bucks a box. BONUS! So we grabbed all the standards, Lucky Charms etc. Then I saw a box of Alpha-Bits. I had a nostalgic blast and grabbed two boxes. Well, when I poured myself a bowl the next morning I was stunned. It looked like alphabet shaped Cheerios. True, Cheerios also look like a letter in the alphabet (O) but this was all the letters. So I finally looked at the box and right there it says in the top corner “Like Cheerios” So who would have thought that Alpha-Bits would have a fat-free option. So if you go to the store with the idea of buying Alpha-Bits you have to take time to read the box now.

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  1. Gaddy says:

    I know, I hate those Alpha bits that taste like cheerios. If I wanted cheerios, I would buy cheerios. Where the heck is my original Alpha-bits. I can’t find them anywhere…..The store owner told me they had been discontinued…What??? I want the original Alpha-bits in my store. Town & Country Mountain View, Missouri. Please somebody help me…I am having alpha-bit withdrawals…

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