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Welcome to the Tom Bowl Museum. We currently have six special exhibits and the library is always open. Scroll down further on this page to see some of the items on display in the museum.

Special Exhibits

The Tom Bowl president reflects on how the selections were made for each Tom Bowl

Look at the banners used for each Tom Bowl since their initial use in Tom Bowl X

Check out some of the mysteries surrounding the Tom Bowl

Read about the history of the Tom Bowl logo

See the Tom Bowl museums tribute to the Original Frank A. Schafer Field.

Past Game Pages

Review past Tom Bowl game day pages going back to Tom Bowl X complete with pictures of people who would have played in each game.

Tribute to Jim Delany

The Tom Bowl salutes Tom Bowl Hall of Famer and long time supporter Jim Delaney for his tenure as Big Ten Commissioner.

Past Poll Results

See the results of all Tom Bowl Fan Polls since 1998.

Crappy picture of programs and tickets from Tom Bowl XVI

Tickets printed for Tom Bowl XV

Damaged programs from the fire at the Tom Bowl Extension office

A sweatshirt commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Tom Bowl

Poster from Tom Bowl V

    Ticket from Tom Bowl III

Game shirt created for Tom Bowl XIX