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Frank A. Schafer Field was either the second or third home of the Tom Bowl. The first game scheduled to be played there was Tom Bowl VI in 1994 and the last game was Tom Bowl XIII in 2000 although no one knew it at the time because we didn't find out they'd torn it down until we showed up for Tom Bowl XIV in 2001 and found it missing.


The field had a seating capacity of so many and even more could stand around the field in it's ample standing room only sections. Whether the field was the second or third home of the Tom Bowl depends on where Tom Bowl V was played which no one knows for sure. (See Tom Bowl Mysteries for details.)


Frank A. Schafer Field was also home to the Beal City Aggies football team and was known for the imposing church steeple which loomed over the playing field. It was also the site of the infamous "Schafer Shift". When the action was on one side of the field the crowd ran to that side. When the action moved across mid-field the crowd performed the Schafer Shift and switched over to the other side all the while jockeying for a good spot to watch the action.