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Tom Bowl Stadium

One of the biggest complaints we get about the Tom Bowl is the weather. We hear things about it being too cold, too icy, too snowy, too many geese. We also think that may be why we've had such a low turnout by the teams we've invited to attend the game. We can't imagine any other reason the teams wouldn't want to come to Beal City.

Thus, the Tom Bowl is actively exploring purchasing a domed stadium. One possibility would be the Astrodome in Houston. No one is using that facility anymore so we would like to explore a plan to purchase the arena and have them move it up to Beal City.  Of course, we'd rename the place Tom Bowl Stadium. We think it will be a hit.

Below is how the Beal City skyline will look once the Astrodome gets moved up there.

Here's what it would look like inside the stadium.

And of course outside of the stadium will be the famous Tom Bowl blimp