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Observations of things I ate today

Friday, April 21st, 2006

I like dark chocolate but the piece I just ate wasn’t very good. I was eating some leftover ham for lunch today and then I realized it was really old. I thought about it for a few minutes and then I finished eating it. We’ll see what happens. I had a bowl of Cheerio’s this morning and it was about the same as it ever was. I don’t think you can really get sick of Cheerio’s but you never crave them either. At least I don’t. They are just there but I guess that’s the appeal. I had some coffee with that bottled coffeemate stuff and some with just milk and sugar. The stuff with the coffeemate was much, much better. Tonight is pizza night. I am very close to being sick of pizza. Too many pizza nights. I have a bag of animal crackers on my desk I have not eaten for like two weeks. At this moment, I want another piece of dark chocolate.

Worst day of the week

Thursday, April 20th, 2006

So I got into this conversation with a guy here at work about what was the worst day of the week. He said Tuesday. His theory: You know Monday is Monday, but when you get through that it’s Tuesday and you still have the rest of the week to go and it isn’t even hump day (Wednesday). I think it’s Thursday. My theory: Monday is Monday and Tuesday you are still plowing through stuff and then you have hump day and suddenly your week is almost over. However, you still have this stupid day between Wednesday and Friday to get through.

Superman’s S-Shield

Tuesday, April 18th, 2006

Did you know that the Superman S-Shield is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. Everyone knows the S-Shield. In fact, I recall reading somewhere that it was in the top 5 recognized symbols in the world. Right up there with the cross, the Star of David and the Nike swoosh. Anyway, Prior to 1985 there were two Supermen. There was an Earth-1 Superman and an Earth-2 Superman. It’s too complicated to explain but Earth-2 Superman (or the Golden Age) Superman was the original Superman from the 1930s. The other one wasn’t. Each one had its own S-shield symbol. Isn’t that worth knowing?

For your reference…

Earth 1 Superman's S-Shield 
Earth-1 Superman’s S-Shield  

Earth-2 Superman’s S-Shield


Monday, April 17th, 2006

So yesterday Canem is looking at the list of prizes she can win for this walking thing they have at her school. If she walks 30 miles she can get a podometer. I told her that I used to have one and she asked, very excited, “You do? Where is it?” Here’s the thing. I had that podometer 25 years ago and I know exactly where it is, but only if it were 25 years ago. See, it’s in the little drawer in the hallway outside the bathroom. There is a white vase on the table. Also in that drawer are some baseball cards and a few other assorted random items including a piece of melded wrought iron that a neighbor gave me. But that table no longer stands where it did, in fact, that hallway where it sat probably doesn’t exist anymore either. But I know exactly where it is, if it were 25 years ago.

Now that is certainly something to think about.

Another Crazy Guy

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Some guy at the bookstore talked to me for like 10 minutes and everything he said was darn close to being completely incomprehensible. It was excrutiating. I nodded a lot and said “Uh, huh” a few times. Finally I just started to walk away and he says “Oh, well, I was just leaving too.” And follows me. Then some girl said “Hi” to him and he ditched me for her. I was glad to see him go, but I also felt like I’d been kicked to the curb. It was a strange feeling.